Saturday, July 09, 2005

Waiter, I'll Take One Leader-- Hold Off on the Psychotic Killer

I am drowning in post-vacation trimiss and injera-related work, which has piled up while I was , um, sunning my teeth, so to speak, with the Frenchies. So, trying to catch up. (I hope that Anon does not think that I, too, have turned “woyanni”.)

Bad timing on my part since I am dying to pick apart the Prime Minister’s letter to Congress as well as his interview on the BBC. And I shall be as soon as I appease my bosses that I am worth the corner office.

Regaring Ato Meles… sheesh, that guy is creepy. You know, when someone asks you to apologize for killing people, the only decent thing to do is to apologize—even is you don’t “feel it”, just goddamn do it… the people are dead, ferpetessake! It strikes me as the only decent thing to do. When you refuse to do so, you end up saying unconscionable stuff like “we will take our time investigating the deaths.” (Oh, can’t you see Tony Blair just criiiiinnnnging that his best African buddy is such a callous, calculating creepazoid? “Oh, Martha, I do believe he is a bastard. Oh, bullocks! Now I have to pretend I never knew he was so dastardly ignoble. Oh, Martha… why does this happen to me? I just wanted one African friend. Pass the crumpets., please, darling.”

The least Ato Meles could have done was to feign shock, Isreali-style. What? You think square-ish head BBC interviewer is going to go back and check what a total dick the Prime Minister was about the dead? Oh, please, grow up. So, Ato Meles could have dropped in a few “I am appalled”s and, “As a father myself I can only imagine what the death of a child can do to a parent.”s and come off half-way normal. Beqa. But Ato Meles, like he has proven to us time and again, is missing the human decency DNA.

I do contend the Prime Minister is an unmitigated, complete King of Faras!

From the comments on the last blog, I agree with Filwuha (perhaps sand the part that civilized people live in Lown-don.) Cranky, curmudgeon Ato Engineer Hailu “Yes, I saw the killings… my chauffer drove me around” Shawel should have remained in the timeout seat with my son. His interview with the BBC was a terrible waste of opportunity. Oh, please. Someone needs to pass him a newspaper and point him to a rocking chair. Or maybe he can take up golf and leave the politicking to others. Minew itayE!

But here’s the thing, as far as I know, the Engineer has not gunned down 36 people… well, 26 by the New Math courtesy of Non-Education Minister Genet Zewdie. (How undignified do you have to BE, by the way, to contest the number of people dead? And wasn’t that an official figure? Perhaps the Prime Minister has a Jesus complex and he might have thought that he resurrected some of the dead. Alazar, call your office.)

Anyway, as I was saying, whatever Hailu Shawel’s faults, and being a bad dresser is one of them—oh, that outfit was so blaaa!, at least he is not burdened with the moral responsibility of having gunned down unarmed people. And I will take incompetence over congenital lying and murdering any time. I am weird like that.

To me, the Engineering wonder that is Hailu Shawel is the Ronald Regan of Ethiopia—minus the head bobbing and “O’m’gad he is just like my grandpa” charm. As long as people like Berhanu and uber-sexy Lidetu are by Ato Engineer’s side, nodding their heads patiently while he finishes sputtering out a string of incomprehensibles, the world is fine. At least he is surrounded by sharp people who are not yes-men. And actually, better that the Engineer know his place and be humbled now, than when it matters. Life has a way of calibrating egos.

But like I said, I like my leaders to have not sanctioned killing. Don’t much care if they come off as doddering in one interview. As long as they don’t have blood on their hands.

Listen to me, have you all seen that speech/Q&A with zany-brainy Non Engineer Berhanu in the Stockholm? (By the way, did the venue seem like an S&M dungeon or was it me remembering my youth….? Anniiiiway.) That interview should be required viewing to all of us following Ethiopian politics. It is breathtakingly brilliant. The guy has cahones the size of Mesqel Addebbai, and that’s on a bad day. Watch it, and you will know that there is much to be hopeful for in Ethiopia.

I am falling off my chair, so I gotta run. Sorry I’ve been MIA.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well wonkitt , you are no longer an observer of Ethiopian politics rather you have become just another mouth for the CUD. You can spin it any way you want it but the PM interview with Hard Talk showed him to be a resound man. He explained his government’s position clearly. The killing of civilians is wrong and I believe the PM conveyed that sufficiently. However it is interesting to note that you have not even tried to analyze the role of the CUD in the agitation of the an employed youth which resulted in the killings. I suppose that makes me faras in your world. My dear I am not going to even try to analyze Engineer Hailu Shawel interview although I am glad you qualified your comments by saying as far as I know, the Engineer has not gunned down 36 people…If given a chance I think the engineer will not hesitate gunning many more.
I admit you are a great asset to the CUD; you have managed to package a hateful extremist organization as a sexy urbane, not fara club.

12:40 PM, July 09, 2005  
Blogger CHewa Lij said...

Wonkit, welcome back from the 'frenchie' land where, I am sure, your taste buds didn't want to abandon to the land of french fries.

Your observation of the PM's blatant arrogance and ignorance of the facts in front of the world and Hailu Shawel's 'missed opportunity' to undress Meles in public was right on. BeCHa men yaregal.

What I do not comprehend is why the CUD made that man the Chairman of the coalition. For all practical purposes, he is as good as the 'selTan-yelesh' President Girma Woldeghioris in terms of adding value to the politcal pot. None. Nada. In fact, he reduces the image of the CUD immensely as his conversational, at least his public addressing abilities as we have witnessed, lacks MAJOR persuasiveness and content matter.
Nuff said.

Love your site...keep it up. By te way, tell the waiter I'd like the same order.


1:11 PM, July 09, 2005  
Anonymous not anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, ayzoh lijE! Here’s what I think is wrong with this Wonq-person:

1.She had NO right to start an English-language blog.
2.She had NO right to presuppose that readers of an English-language blog would speak English.

You are living proof that, at least, some readers out there can neither read nor write English, much less comprehend in English. (You know, that’s different from comprehending in AmariNa).

It’s absolutely not your fault, Anonymous-yE, that you misunderstood what Wonqi wrote while, what you had to say about what she wrote, nobody can understand.

When I read the following phrases in your response, I felt your pain! How dare she, this insensitive Wonq, do you like this?

< . .him to be a resound man>

< . .the an employed youth>

< . .that makes me faras in your world>

< . .given a chance I think the engineer will not hesitate gunning many more.>

See what I mean Anonymous? Difficult, this English language!

2:06 PM, July 09, 2005  
Anonymous Ye Filwiha said...

dear anony,

Ere gudde zare demo... as if nursing a torn meniscus is not stressful enough, the good lord is punishing me by making me read your comment -- I'm not sure if it's the "chemical imbalance" thingy they talk about on TV these days that did it to you - how come out of 20+ lines comment you have just a single truth - UNO - which is that you're a BORN FARA!
If Theresa Heinz Kerry knew about you, she would have told you to shove it. But, we're not like her in Wonkiville - we're cool, nice, yarada lijoch that we even acknowledged your comment by taking time to post a reply in our fara free zone.

not anonymous -- are you related with not genet zewdie in anyway? I couldn't say it better - thank you! Where's not genet these days by the way? Where're the neighbors - mamo begebeya, teddy, yohannes, little masinko etc

It could be my way of inflating the self ego, but I would like to think that when y'all come here and drop a line or two, it keeps Wonki going. I know she never said anything about this, and I just pulled it right out my ...
We all know she is a "resound woman" hahahaha whatever the heck that means!

5:55 PM, July 09, 2005  
Blogger Random Thoughts said...

It's not clear to me why Berhanu attributes to Amartya Sen the idea that there's a direct correlation between economic freedom and political freedom. Milton Friedman has been professing it for decades. Sen's work is mostly around welfare economics.

From my blog...

The impetus for investment in the third world. It's the 64M $ question. Every forward step the developed world takes, the developing world takes two backwards. But ultimately, the developing world can only blame itself for widening these gaps (ie. economic, digital, enviromental,...).
It used to come down to economics vs. political freedom (eg. haiti, guadeloupe) - Trade one for the other to survive, or perish. The zero sum game. But as Friedman argued, economic freedom is a necessary condition to political freedom. So which superpower, which conglomerate, which bank will help bootstrap the economic freedom of the Third World? The World Bank continues to fail the poor. The Commonweath's role has been relegated to oblivion. The G9 refuses to deal with the condition of the poor. So who's left?
The third world needs to recognize that the path to freedom is through self-sustainement and efficient management of resources. And this can only come from the people. Not the World Bank, not governments, not NGOs. Profit and greed will continue to hamper the third world's strides toward freedom.

6:36 PM, July 09, 2005  
Anonymous Yohannes said...


ere alen...just been busy doing all the required viewing on zany brainy non engineerachin, kibur dr. birhanu.

random thought, although not terribly original, my understanding of Sen is that no matter what, economic development cannot be tackled w/o basic freedom and existance of democratic institutions-- (trade unions etc.) i am in the middle of "the political economy of hungar" and will report back with my 'indeteredahut'.

Also, random thought, none of us in Non Fara Land believe that the WB is here to reduce poverty. it's not a terribly original idea that there has to be a not-on-steroid pan-african economic solution. The double edged sword that is the Chinese invasion of Africa scares me. On the one hand, China is the only one who is not looking at Africa as a basket case of misery, only there to be sympathized with and thrown money at. China is looking at Africa as a potential market, which the west is not doing.

On the other hand, being beholden to the Chinese is very unsavory to me. Commies will always be commies.

not to sound too engineer shawel hailu like("a string on incomprehensibles"), but... maybe the best position we can be in is to play the west against the Chinese.

i have tied down Not Genet Zewdie in that dungeon in sweden. (Wonqi has an S&M past??)

qoi-qoi. how does one go about cruising for "an opportunity to kill 36 people"? Gud fella... "given the opportunity he will gun down 36 people." That's the defense of the tplf/eprdf supporters??? ayiiiiiii.

belu bakachiu. i have to go find a way of becoming a resolute man.


8:52 PM, July 09, 2005  
Anonymous Legit Lijit said...

sometimes it is the simplest words that get you. i am new to Wonqetville, but you said something that still resonates with me: why is honor the last thing we require from our leaders?

You are right. The case against the EPRDF is simple: it is highly dishonorable. I have never understood why we put so little value on honor. For people who pride ourselves as a proud people, we still have a very minimum moral requirement for our leaders.

I found a home in Wonqville.

10:11 PM, July 09, 2005  
Anonymous mamo begebeya said...

Honor-n titachihu, I'd settle for leaders and subjects who had an ounce of tolerance to different views.

12:48 AM, July 10, 2005  
Anonymous not genet zewdie said...

Reporting to duty:

Mamo-- that's the point. We can't settle anymore. We can't afford to with Ihadig. Look what happened when we settled.

Glad that we are still relatively Fara Free. Not Anonymous, you are a resolute man. Moot. I say that with resolution.

Wonqqi, welcome back inatay.

8:47 PM, July 10, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You can spin it any way you want it..."
Enday...Wonkette? You slid past my favorite one eko. Perhaps I shoulda prefacec it by saying that you have become one of my favorite DJs in da cyber wirrrl.

1:49 AM, July 11, 2005  
Anonymous mamo begebeya said...

Not GZ-ye. Well, ideally, I agree with you. No more settling. But those of us who live here kinda sorta have no choice but to. Even with the less ambitious issues.

I settle for competing with some dude who doesn't pay taxes

I settle for never getting anything past gumruk in less a month's time (even if it is an ampol)

I settle for having to police my most loyal employees' sticky hands

I settle for … a lot less annoying/inconsequential stuff than the majority of the population settles with.

When you live here, one learns to settle a lot. We smile when y'all come here on vacation and go nuts on the totally deserving dimwits. But we don't have the energy to do it full time. Who would do the actual work then?

Part of the reason I didn't vote was because I truly don't think that if the kibur Ato Engineer became PM, much of anything would change. Look. The party seriously thinks that having a fresh, smart and sincere guy like the Non engineer Berhanu playing not second, not third, but fifth or sixth banana makes sense - and, ke 70 million hizb, the only person they can think of to lead is some incoherent 70 yr old guy who was a minister during the derg?!

Why is everyone so into them? We are fed up with the other guys! Quaqqqq bilewinal. It isn't a vote for them it is a vote against the government. People who can't become fulltime political activists were given one day to make their view heared and they all gave the gvt a collective F-U. At least in AA.

Why was the vote not really 'for anyone'? Because the 'leadership' pool in this country is in dire need of some chlorine.

Until then, I would happily settle for non trigger happy, tolerant leaders and no emotionally whipped up public that can’t tolerate that some people, for whatever reason, still prefer the government. Can tell you the lecture I got saturday night from a waiter, when I ordered Pepsi. Why the bro thinks his democratic right to choose who he likes doesn’t apply to Ato Sheik a-lotta-money is the mystery.

I rambled on. Sirayen lisra. Meklam Qen.

2:28 AM, July 11, 2005  
Anonymous Ye Filwiha said...

legit - on behalf of the residents of wonkiville, welcome from da mayor (self-appointed)!
mamo - antee demoo tikotaleh! gudd eko new - no matter what you say, I don't know how you can justify not voting - Hailu may go, he gotta, sooner or later and our eyes, hopes and dreams are on the guys around him - of course, it may be dashed again once they get in office but it's worth trying -- I realize it's easy for me to say thousands of miles away, but I just feel a courageous man, such as yourself (I'm not kidding), who dared going back to his roots and live with his people may not be that cynical and not participate in the country's FIRST EVER election (anonymous may now remind me there were two already under EPRDF)--anyways, as my most favorite radio man says, "be well, do good work, and keep in touch!"

7:28 AM, July 11, 2005  
Anonymous Seeking asylum at wonqitville said...

Unique and tolerant 70 something million people couldn’t even produce one just one level minded, caring and most of all tolerant leader. I have been following the elections closely and many thanks to wonqitt and Wonqetville I have found a sanctuary amongst you. I hope we will soon be voting for the absolute best rather than settle for second best.

7:33 AM, July 11, 2005  
Anonymous biraq reduex said...

Selam kenante gar, wonqet inna wonqettitoch,

Isn’t there something inherently contradictory in Mamo’s settling? I mean, if you are going to settle, you might as well settle for the opposition, even with Very Engineer Hailu Shawel at the helm, right? Settle kaderegu ayqer. That is what a resound man would do biyE amnalehu.

Long time reader, first time commentor in Wonq Terra. Ifoooye.

9:06 AM, July 11, 2005  
Anonymous not anonymous said...

Indiaw ye-ferenj neger!
Grrrmmmmmm new mileN!
Ahun esti benatachihu, of all the wisdom that hath, over these past weeks, dripped from the Royal Feather inde mar welela, meskelsquare picks as “most amazing stuff” Her Majesty’s “description of a typical night out in Paris.”
A resound man, that Andrew.

11:51 AM, July 11, 2005  
Anonymous gonTe said...

ye-wonquetteville tadamiwoch!

uffff, be-enatachiu - I wanna be a resound man for a day! Do I have to join the fara club to be, oh so, resoundingly resound???

-gonTe gonetatlew
aka (GG)

12:09 PM, July 11, 2005  
Anonymous Ye Filwiha said...

As you can tell, I've too much freaking free time these days - so, here I go again.
Wonkiville is vibrant with so many resound people and I love it! The funny thing is, the moment a fara comes knocking, the verdict is unanimous - he's ridiculed forever and that was Wonki's wish/call from the beginning.

Asylum seeker - da mayor who does the right thing grants you asylum -you can apply for permanent residency after two more comments!

Yohannes - ante?! what're these bruises I see on ngz's wrists and ankles? She's my cyber daughter and you better be nice to her else I'll have to reconsider my consent when you send shiaGiles to me later.

biraq, not anony, GG - right on brothas!

mamo - it seems you're losing the argument big guy - so here's the dealie Yo! 'cos you were sooooo proud and didn't cast your vote to any one of the oppositions, tomorrow on your way to Goomrook you're sentenced to hum this song that will hopefully wash your cynicism away:

biselef himemen chiye roche laruarootachihu
tilikun eminet benante tilenal engidih ayzooachihu

courtesy of Teddy Afro's album Tarik Tesera!

Wonki - what has Uncle SOL (seven or less) been upto lately? So much going on in Addis, just wondering how he's summarizing stuff these days.

5:26 PM, July 11, 2005  
Anonymous not anonymous said...

I’m afraid Her Majesty’s uncle is fast losing his heretofore unchallenged place as
The Man of Seven Words Or Less.

Meles on Bereket’s ludicrous statement:
“Whatever the superlatives there . .”

Mr. Engineer Hailu on CUD’s plans for attracting foreign Investment:
“I have links abroad . .”

Anonymous on nothing in particular:
“I suppose that makes me FARAS in your world.”
(That’s 2 words more than allowed, but for someone who is a Fara in PLURAL, special consideration is made.)

ante yohannes, what is it with you anyway? you can tie down ngz all you like, but to say that Her Highness has an S&M past borders on blasphemy. You should be tarred and feathered . . .

11:37 AM, July 12, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is Wonkit?

3:36 PM, July 12, 2005  
Anonymous Dinknesh said...

Ante not anonymous you are very funny... "fara in plural..." that was good!

5:44 PM, July 12, 2005  
Anonymous tizibt said...

Don't forget Ethiopia belongs to all including Faras, Aradas, yefilwiha lejoch.. and many others. Don't attack people because they can not speak/write well.. what counts is their opinion. Argue, attack their ideas..but rediculing people for their inability to express themselves in forign langauge.. will limit the convestation to small number of elite writers..

7:07 PM, July 12, 2005  
Anonymous not genet zewdie said...

Let me tell you what I was in the process of rediculing:

Yoni's dubious claim that he had me bound in the cave/bomb shelter that the Swedes thought was an appropriate venue for non engineer Birhanu’s (sostay amatbu, pleeece.) words of wisdom. Ere lemehono, minew?

In fact, at the risk of overburdening Wonkville with my ye guwada weraye, it was I who had bound up Yohannes. (On an extra amorous night I made him watch Ato Engineer Hailu Shawel’s interview, and thus we cemented our tikuss cyber affair by putting the “s” in S&M.
How is Ato Hailu’s maid, by the way? Any news on that front?)

“Don't attack people because they can not speak/write well.. what counts is their opinion”…

ooo, ooo tay!

Don’t attack our attacking people who find Ato Meles to be a resound man. Initazebihalen.

GoniTiye, Filwuha might be the mayor (self appointed) of Wonqettiville. But I am the irgo zinb Welcoming Committee (non commissioned.) Here, sit on the wagon and let’s redicule the rediculis.

Weiche gud. The wit of Non Anonymous eko—inde draft sholko wegeb miqeneTisssssss.

10:17 PM, July 12, 2005  
Anonymous lezebteNa said...

ewnewtim weichegud! where have you been all my life, while i was languishing on other etforums? adaqfoN if i didn't end up here, sintu... sintu... ere weichegud.

years of et-therapy (read: be tsebel meneker, then hope that some entity called 'seTan' will eventually leave me the hell alone)has depleted the last fiber of fara from me, although occassionaly i have been know to suffer a relapse. forgive me. tolerate me. not genet zewdie, welcome me and shkoko me to the cave.

i just watched Dr. Berhanu's Sweden speech...wey resound, ale sewyew. i took away that our duty in the diaspora is preaching moderate politics. how is it that most of us living in lands that uphold democracy are the most undemocratic, babatachiu? we are the least tolerant, the least informed, the least civil, and the last people Dr. Berhanu would want to spend time with, if he had a choce. beqelalu: sinansTella.

would it be heresy to claim that Dr. Berhanu is my illegitimate father......? newir new wey, in this anti-fara forum? minalew? (despite what he thinks, i can live with being driven up and down a closed off bole menged in a tinted car. indeta!)

one thing......... why don't you call him "Dr" Berhanu? (did i just de-unfara-ize myself? yenE neger!)


11:30 PM, July 12, 2005  
Anonymous mamo begebeya said...

enatochachin siteritu;

resound yalhonech intin,
QibrTsiyo alech alu.


yiQir...ere yiQir

5:57 AM, July 13, 2005  
Anonymous Ye Filwiha said...


Please tell me where did I or anybody else even imply that Ethiopia doesn't belong to faras? If anything, the guy we've been cheering on, Dr. Berhanu, had talked very eloquently about Ethiopia belonging to all of us including those we disagree with - thus indirectly speaking for us.

If I may interject one of the earlier blogs by our Queen here, didn't she call for June 8 to be "Hug EPRDF Day"? Unfortunately they unleashed their fury on our kids that day and radicalize most of us. Not Anonymous with his equal opportunity great humor and also others, I believe, are ridiculing the ridiculous (Hailu Shawel was not spared from being ridiculed, by the way) just to get by until the beloved Wonki comes in.

So Tizibt, I think love is what's in short supply here - we'll put our best face just for ya - hodd aybasen tolo!
NGZ - put your best ye abesha kemiss on, Tizibt come, I'll cue in Teddy's Yikir Tebabalu -- NGZ, give Tizibt a tight hug on behalf of all the residents of Wonkiville (got the go ahead from Yohannes) - YES!! We are all Ethiopians and sorry if our jokes are somehow misunderstood to mean otherwise!

6:34 AM, July 13, 2005  
Anonymous not genet zewdie said...

woah, Filwuha... wait a minute. i have to hug self proclaimed faras too? in my best abesha libs, yawim? can't i just give them a firm handshake instead?

okaaaay. here, all ye faras and aradas... by our mayor's decree, consider yourself hugged. (but only non faras can cop a feel. ay! no exceptions.)

also, finally someone taking our lethargic religious leaders to task! their relative silence has been one of the thorns in my rear end. forget condeming violence. how about a call for peace and prayer? can't they slip that in between "egzio mahirene christos"es? one of the rumors flapping around Addis was that the ETOC was dutifully agitated by Teddy's song about a love affait between a Christian and Muslim.

sra yefetach intin,
resound-resound tilalech ...

... yilu neber abew siteritu.

makes you wonder: what has happened to us?

Non Anonymous: what is it about Paris and Mesqel Square and WonqiTTe? I missed it.. i was busy wrestling with grander ideas of hugging faras. :( wey mekeraye, abesaye blo ale Muluqen.

8:08 AM, July 13, 2005  
Anonymous Ye Filwiha said...

ngz, edegi eshi for handing out the hug ration!

what not anony was refering, I think, was what Andrew (the Scottish journalist in Addis for Reuters? -- his personal blog quoted from Wonki's blog about her night out with 'ET-Francs' etc as one of the recent ET blogs he enjoyed...

6:21 AM, July 14, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mon Wonqi. We are waiting and waiting ... like my son says "more please"

1:15 PM, July 14, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder who that anonymous dude is- Bereket Himself? Would explain the bad spelling and schizo attitude (by the way I'm posting under anon as well, but...)
I'm amazed that brainwashed people like that can use the internet, maybe set up your own blog? Oh, but hey- that would be overload, seeing the state media is full of such views and people. Which takes me to the initial purpose of posting this: I know it's "Injera" and there are kids, parents and "yeGeter zemed" to support- but have some pride, have some spine, think of the last 14 years, and the past few weeks. The NEB is so obviously a EPRDF tool, so the media is the next hope. I'm not saying the newsreaders should do something suicidally crazy such as read statements of dissent on TV, but just don't turn up at that ugly building in Beherawi, all of you, take some united (Yetekenadge) steps and tell Be(re)k(e)t to do his lying in person on TV and radio...!!!
But maybe I'm too idealistic- no- naive is the word, hoping that some people will make personal sacrifices for the sake of their Itiyopiaye. I for one would run into the gun of an Ork-AgAzi if I knew that that's all it took to have a brighter, EPRDF -free Itiyopia. Final thought: Even if the media people manage to feed their kids off their Bereket-salary, those kids won't get a good education, no jobs and will probably end up gunned down by the next Ork-AgAzi generation.

5:55 AM, July 15, 2005  
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