Saturday, February 25, 2006

Catching up

Been trying to catch up on some reading.

Ethiopundit addresses the untenable Meles-China (or as Lou Dobbs insists on calling them, Communist China) alliance in one of helluva brilliant piece in How About Chinese? That Ethiopundit should be put in a museum and worshipped from afar. “please do not look directly at His Punditressness’ halo. Step away from the halo.”

Prophet of Change at Egoportal is one of his best posts. The frustration of wanting to do a good job crashing so spectacularly with what’s unavailable to be.. a prophet of change. God made him young enough not to want to be a prophet of change in 1993-6, at the height of Ato Meles’ and Ato Isayas’ gluttonous union. Remember those days?

I thought the venerable Seleda (nefusn yimarew) definition of “shaffada” was a breakthrough until my husband made it a point of reading me the poems posted on Aqumada. Twice. Can’t you just hear the collective screeches of over-fermented indignation from the intellectually constipated?

I was just about to order me a few hundred “Free Andrew Heavens” bumper stickers when he resurfaced on Mesqel Square. Phew. In an amazing coincidence, the admirably incompetent Ethiopian Telecom had cut off his phone line after he posted how ‘spensive innernetz connection is in Ethiopia. Ahhh. ET Telecom. Is there an outfit more appallingly worthless? Anyway. Mesqel Square takes an interesting look into “The White Man’s Burden,” William Easterly’s book on the failure of international aid. You know, when we bash Jeffrey Sachs and his economista posse we are labeled ungrateful and uppity. So thank God a qelqala ferenje is doing it for us. Yes, please. (Mesqel Square argues that there have been some great results… baby with bathwater, etc.)

I am really, really digging this guy at Things We Should Have Written Down. Really digging him.

All the energy I have. Still wracked with flu/cold whatever the hell it is that is making me highly, highly irascible.


Blogger Dabus Nibor said...

Let's just hope Andrew is not going to be the next Inigo Gilmore or Anthony Mitchel. Poor soul, he thinks ETC cutting off his phone line is a coincidence. Meles Inc knows no shame. Advocating Sachization/Sachism may not save you, if you keep poking fun at the state run media...You are supposed to ignore the transgrations of the state media in Ethiopia, just the way Addis Ababans have become adept at doing!!

5:50 PM, February 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you get sicker cause Gooch is ten time cooler!

7:44 PM, February 27, 2006  
Blogger Dabus Nibor said...


Very brutal, and not so true. Even Gooch, being the cool man he is, would not appreciate comments like that on anyone let alone our own ET Wonk.

7:31 AM, February 28, 2006  
Anonymous tobian said...

" I hope you get sicker cause Gooch is ten time cooler!"

Dude, you're sick. I hope you don't get sicker.

12:34 PM, March 02, 2006  

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