Friday, January 13, 2006


As the weekend rolls up…

Death Cab for Cutie will be the musical guest on SNL this weekend.

For those of us who passed Economics 101 by the skin of our teeth, “The Undercover Economist” comes to our rescue. I saw the author Tim Harford on Book TV and was pleasantly surprised he was a quirky (is there any other type) Englishman who could hold his own against bigwig economists at a Heritage Foundation event. Biggest revelation: you can order a “short cappuccino” at Starbucks- its cheaper but they don’t have it on their menu because “there is no space.” Who knew economics was this much fun.

Was it me or was Syriana a little overrated? It started out fine and then ka-plat!

Finally, finally saw Ousmane Sembene’s "Moolaadé." Amazing. O’m’god.

Because I always bow to Aqumada’s recommendations, I moseyed on to buy Zeritu’s new album. Hm. I see now there is a generation gap. I couldn’t quite make it past the third track, and then I made the mistake of listening to her interview on Addis Live. Damn. You know you are old when someone says they were greatly influenced by the Spice Girls, with all due respect to Ethiopundit. But to be fair I didn’t have a pack of sugary pop gum handy when I listened to her album. Will do and report back.


Anonymous yekolotemari said...

You have to give her songs a second chance. Track 1 was techno and may give you the wrong impression. Listen to tracks 5, 7 & 9. I have to agree with you regarding the Addis Live interview. The continuous giggling and “bole-lij comments” were a lil annoying

2:14 PM, January 13, 2006  
Blogger Ethio-Wolqait said...

I am glad that I am not the only one with the same feelings, Et-Wonkete has. I didn't even finish her interview on Addis seems like she was raised by some 'Ferengis'....though I liked the which says.."YagaTami neger...megeNagnetachin..."

5:45 PM, January 13, 2006  
Anonymous ted said...

Onother attempt to sex up Economics- Freakonomics- a book by Steven D.Levit. Interesting arguments.

10:12 PM, January 14, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What teenage girl of the time was not impetuously crazy about the spice girls and the girl power mania that followed? How nice we have the big gun pundits in that mix, though perhaps more to spite the philantroph, which is great. I thought the cocky Zeritu said (including her interview on Capital) that she is too eclectic to be influenced by anyone. Though, audacious or defiant this self confidence might sound the talent and the personality is there to develop. After all she is only 21. In a couple of years we may have a sensational artist to enjoy. I agree with Yeqolotemari about some of her pieces. Ah the gigling! Isn't this the girly talk of the times? I would love to see yeqolo in a company of teenage girls. Are you saying bandaf?

5:48 AM, January 15, 2006  
Anonymous Dina said...

Yeah, she's only 21 but that doesn't excuse that she talks like a 5-year-old on Abbaba Tesfaye's kiddy programme- or was it a giant hot potato in her mouth? Could also have been my crappy dial-up connection from AA though. So I wandered on and listened to Mike Ellis' interview -(interupted by crap connection but still)all together now: AAAAWWWWW!Like him!

11:40 PM, January 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree with your assessment of Zeritus's interview on Addis Live. But she has a potential. I have seen her in a music video with other singers and I liked her part.

Negeren neger yanesuale ena, a popular phrase used by Negussie (a contributor from Addis to VOA Amharic service),she reminds me of Betsate who became popular for her song on ET TV with Solomon. Solomon later became renowned for Zero Le Zero, a song about secession of Eritrea.

To compensate for your disappointment with Zeritu, here are two of the best female songs from a collection called Lalibelaw:

1. Betsate's Baseresagne
2. Gigi's Aba Alem Lemnie.mp3

I believe these two songs are an optimal mix of Ethiopian traditional music and modern technology.

1:06 AM, January 16, 2006  
Anonymous mimi said...

she is the new pop queen that we have nt seen before she is like yagerachin ...... she has the style the voice last not but least she looks FINE . some thing different has been witnessed , even the video clips damn ..... boys i m sure you let yourself leave from the couch lolol . beteley yekolotemati ......
she also could have been the 2nd artist to win the kora award from ethiopia .anyway one thing is for sure .... unlike the beat the most of lyricks are not that yammy (you kow what i m sayin like teddy afro ). i know i dont have to expect her to be like him but ........ i adore her effort that she has done most it by herself though .
:) for your information she is ye hamle 19 sefer lij .......

Arbeit Macht Reizend

Mom: What's the name of that group?
Teen boy: Death Cab for Cutie.
Mom: Death Camp for Cutie?
Teen boy: Death Cab.
Mom: What a horrible name...
Teen boy: This is them playing, do you like it?
Mom: Yeah I love it, but what a horrible name! Death Camp...

--60th & Broadway

Overheard by: Avital

2:18 AM, January 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Anon who posted the tracks:
Please please guide me to a place where I can get funky Ethiopian music (ideally for free) online. I'm not so tech-savvy, but a format similar to your links would be great as it was relatively easy to download them via cranky Ethiopian Telecom.
Many thanks

5:35 AM, January 16, 2006  
Anonymous Q'tsil sim said...

Wonqiye, minun tiche' minun libelish?
Stumbled onto your blog 3 or 4 weeks ago...afziz-adenziz!...another addict. Passion language snark depth breadth linkage consistency...all here - unlike so many poli-blogs,(forget farastan.) All the regular Wonqvillians are tops, mirT wurgaToch. So much so, I read all your posts and theirs (time: ye goonfan silver lining?) before jumping in with this, my first comment anywhere - an' I been places.
IMHO, vocalists and melodies have carried ET popular music for 20-30 years. The best, to my ears, draw from and alfo-alfo extend embedded voicing traditions. Tired arrangements from many and inspiring musicianship from too few aselchitogn neber. Zeritu's output may not be THE negarit of a new 'golden age,' but I hear possibilites....
About Condi, et(e)w-a, tinish teleyayen. Ishi, realpolitik: the outward reaching arm of the office at the top of the world power pyramid should't be ignored. Kezam, sister's got melanin. Yet, there is soooo faint a trace of non-opportunistic, principle-based action there, my 'beware of Taot worship' alert is on def-condi red. Legacy? Handmaid to autocrat pulling CYA duty risks ending up all streaky like ye-lij mutanti. Lanchi biye gn, I hope I'm wrong .
Finally, ager bet developments await your analysis and maybe a little buCHeQa. Baby-daddy anyone?
Now I see how a post gets long.
YLZ (Yanchiw Le Zelalem)

8:25 AM, January 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

since the jury is still out on this. here is a video of Zeritu

the talent is there. thats my verdict

9:04 PM, January 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonk, I thought Syrania was a good movie overall, there was especially one moment that stood out for me. When Prince Nasir, and the council of military and Bedouin leaders were assembled wondering how to overtake the leadership from his brother, one of the leaders raises his concern “Your brother has the support of … 10,000 of their troops are stationed in our country”; I couldn’t help but think "coming to your neck of the woods in the not too far future…"

12:52 AM, January 17, 2006  
Anonymous dube said...


You would rather she be kostara? Let her giggle if she finds something funny. I found her refreshingly open. agul snobbish athunu. Fancy office ena mekina endezih yemyareg khone yiqribigne. The generation gap can't be that wide that you consider giggling and friendly conversation as something to be frowned upon. Not everyone wants to talk about weighty social issues. minew ida. I want to hear her sing about the kind of fiqir that comes and "Kwa"s you. And What an amazing command she has of her beautiful voice.

demo bole’n leqeq. I used to head up the A.E.We.Ma there

2:00 PM, January 17, 2006  
Anonymous ETW said...


er.. have you llistened to the interview? there is giggling a la tee hee mefleqleqing. and then there is giggling that is "someone please pass the teqila."

I'll capitulate that there is potential and the production value of the videos is a welcome departure from the usual 'stare at a rose, pick it, smell it, look up at the sky and belt out a tune' mode. After a sufficent recovery period, I will listen to the tracks recommended by Yeqolotemari.

Um. the Dubster, just out of morbid curiosity, what did the ah-ee-w'-ma in BOLE do exactly?

5:29 PM, January 17, 2006  
Anonymous dube said...

We discussed week after week how it was our abyotawi duty to be aggressive in offering our services to the membership.

And how although one would naturally feel abyotawi desta when daddy buys one a new ride, it only has to be after an apropriate level of abyotawi guilt has washed over one's new outfit. Be sure to also tell the gas station attendant to pour out a little splash of benzene for the wezaderoch that haven't got one.

12:51 PM, January 19, 2006  
Anonymous yekolotemari said...

checkout zerihun's interview on

4:45 PM, April 11, 2006  
Anonymous MusiqeNaw said...

Yap, the interview is not that great. I hope she is not older than 21. If so, I think it is ok.

One thing I definitely liked is her uniqueness both in her vocal skills and style.

My hope is that she will mature both musically and otherwise to be able to fully utilize her beautiful voice.

4:47 PM, September 13, 2006  
Anonymous Robi said...

hey guys i saw her interview & i say it ain't kinda "yebole lij" it's cuz she is shy dat's it nun else dat shows from her eyes & her talking
but her musics ...damn nigga it's a big evolution to the ethiopian music it showed the ethiopian zefagnoch how to grow up in a moderated way & she showed her talents nun else

3:43 PM, November 30, 2006  

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