Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year, Same Rant


It’s probably intellectually injurious to start off the New Year with this but …

What the hell is wrong with the EPRDF?

Before I go any further let me say that I hope 2006 will be the year we finally decipher why sycophants such as Jeffrey Sachs have been so smitten by the unsmoldering intellectualism of Prime Minister Meles and his entourage of solecistic courtiers. Let the choir say ‘amen’.

To hear Sachs talk, Ato Meles is nothing short of Aristotle wrapped in Adam Smith, wrapped in the irresistible cute cuddliness of that lisping four-year-old in Jerry Maguire.

I just don’t get it. When finally pushed into a corner, Ato Meles made a complete fool of himself by writing a vay-wee skittish three-part response to the EU-EOM report about the not so free and fair Ethiopian elections. Oh, that response. So giddy and illiterate in ways we cannot start counting.

So can I ask one last time what it is that has gotten Tony Blair and Jeffrey Sachs and Jimmy Carter swooning like pubescent girls at a boy band concert? Seriously. Are we missing something, or do they see something we don’t? I look at Walta Disinformation Center, The Ethiopian News Agency (although I try not to actually see the ENV) and any Ethiopian government issued paper, and… is there anything remotely intellectual about any of these outlets? (Mesqel Square chronicles some of the bizarreness of the ENA in US Tourists Speak Out and VOA- From devil worship to treason and VOA Worships Satan- ENA. ) Aren’t Walta and ENA a reflection of Prime Minister Meles?

But then you have the personalities that the EPRDF parades around to defend it, and the situation gets even more dismal.

You have the Ambassador of Ethiopia in Washington DC being churlish on CNN, embarrassing not just himself but Africans in general; you have some poor EPRDF pencil pusher and academic, Ato Tekeda Alemu, having his rear end handed to him by a grouchy English professor; and of course we had the institution that is Bereket Simon, the Paris Hilton of spokespersons, former Minister of Information and parliament seat loser who is responsible for making barbaric illiteracy cool again.

I’m not being condescending here. Can someone point me to the intellectual arm of the EPRDF? Someone who can do some ‘splaining without spinning into the featherbrained netherworld.

I have become mildly addicted to VOA-Amharic—even the Saturday music program which features a high fructose, trainwreck-y DJ who spins God awful pop songs.

The best thing about VOA is that it is where we hear from actual EPRDF officials, away from their natural setting: the sanitized, mental lock up that is the EPRDF “Fact Factory.”

Taking a break from goose-stepping to some really, really bad talking points was one Dr. Yohannes Gebre Selassie, an EPRDF, um, development wonk (yeah... I know… I get the irony) who was put in the increasingly cumbersome position of defending the EPRDF.

For those of you who understand Amharic, the December 29 and 30 VOA program that pitted poor Dr. Yohannes against one Dr. Getachew Metaferia, a political science professor at Morgan State University, is a must listen. (Maybe the people at Tayetu can do their thing and make it permanently available for us.)

For the rest of you, here is a summary:


It all started when the Dr. Getachew wrote an article, The struggle of the Ethiopian people for democracy and the reaction of the totalitarian regime: A briefing to the academic community, and industriously distributed it to 37,000 of his nearest and dearest friends. It is an article unabashed in its condemnation of the EPRDF, written to deftly illicit American sensibility about freedom, democracy and the pursuit of happiness. Bingo.

So VOA, taking a much needed break from worshipping Satan, decided to have a discussion on this article, the author in tow. VOA also thought to include an EPRDF official to offer counterpoints. Now I know that the EPRDF has been very bitter about VOA and its devilish one-sidedness, but believe me, oh EPRDF, when I tell you that you were better off when you believed VOA was not paying attention to you. Now look at what you have been forced into: piecing together your intellectuals and showcasing them in public so they can be ridiculed by featherweights like me.

And into this den was thrown EPRDF’s latest braindrain, Dr. Yohannes- apoplectic, unfocused and misty.


Part one:

Dr. Yohannes keeps referring to the article in question as “the article published on ‘Ethiomedia kom’” and “with all due respect to his scholarship” how he did not expect “this kind of paper from an intellectual.” It was, he said grandly, “one sided and bias.”

Zippity doo dah.

The question of the Diaspora came up and either my sarcasm radar needs recalibrating or Dr. Y has no sense of irony.

Speak, oh Herr Doktor:

Ihadih le diasporaw yaladeregew neger yelem.

(There is nothing that the EPRDF has not done for the Diaspora.)

I don’t know if the EPRDF still does this, but it used to be de rigeur that the government hold a “how can we get you to invest in Ethiopia” brain session when Ethiopians living abroad go to Ethiopia for Christmas vacation. We usually get courted at the Sheraton and get lectured on social responsibility. It all works out well and you get a warm, fuzzy feeling until… you want to open a business that competes with one of the many EPRDF-owned monopolies. An advertising or publishing agency that may/may not compete against Mega? Good luck. And those of you who have sat across a completely inept Ethiopian Telecom official who nods importantly and orders his secretary to “write this down” as he twiddles his mustache, are familiar with that sinking feeling that washes over you as you realize all the drama about “how can we help you help us” was empty rhetoric. In most cases you are glad to have gotten out of dodge with only your business proposal being handed over to an EPRDF-owned company who will “study” your proposal. Don’t call us. We’ll call you.

If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times, take the boys out of the jungle…

So, yes, Dr. Y. There is nothing the EPRDF has not done for the Diaspora.

I would think that the EPRDF would have advisors like Jeffrey Sachs who can tell Ato Meles that his neophyte intellectuals need to… calm the hell up because Dr. Yohannes gets so animated at one point I wondered if I should send him sedatives, decaf coffee or both.

Dr. Y is most “Barney” like excited when he talks about the present 'peace and democracy' awash in Ethiopia. Talk about I love you, you love me! He could not be made to even admit that there is unrest in Ethiopia! Oh. And also there is a vibrant parliament and, and there is free press… 55 newspapers flourish unhindered.

I am no psychologist. But I am gonna go ahead and say that Dr. Y might need to seek the assistance of one.

Here’s the best part of Part One, the nugget of wisdom that will make listening to Dr. Y worth the screeching in your ears.

When asked about the 2005 elections, Dr. Yohannes pointed out that there were 30,000 independent observers who witnessed the EPRDF winning the elections. Yes. 30,000. Don’t ask. But that wasn’t the coup de gras.

Dimocracy relative new

(Democracy is a relative matter.)

Yes, that would be the new rallying cry of EPRDF. My, how far we have come: first it was “elections that are not just fair by African standards, but by international standards.” That tanked. Then it became an… “emerging democracy” with a few glitches. And now, hear ye, hear ye… “Democracy is relative.” How long before it becomes, “Democracy is overrated” or “What democracy?”

Part two (broadcast on Saturday, December 30) is when Dr. Yohannes becomes properly unglued.


Kept referring to “the article in Ethio Media Kom”.

Asked about the reports by human rights organizations about the camps in Dedessa and Zewai, and the tens of thousands of people who have been rounded up there, Dr. Y asks with bewildering aplomb: “Do these human rights reporters report when people have been released?”

You think I’m making this up, doncha? Doncha?

According to Dr. Y, the Carter Center has said the Ethiopian elections have been “generally free and fair.” I am sure Mistah Ca’ra is loving the permanent association of his name and center with the EPRDF.

Regarding Prime Minister Meles winning his parliamentary seat in Adwa

Tekerakrew ashenefu. Be and hager wusT and sew eko bichawun liwedader yichilal.

(He campaigned and won. You know, one can run uncontested.)


Dr. Y kept asking the Professor from Morgan State why his paper was “focusing on the negative.” Damn straight. With all the good news streaming from Ethiopia, why is Dr. Getachew acting like a buzz kill? I ask you.

When discussing ethnic politics, and I am not sure how this all came up, Dr. Yohannes invited Dr. Getachew to come to Tigray province. Oookay.

And this:

[Ye Tigrai Hzb] le zelalem ye Ityopiyan nesanet andinet yaskebere, ke ityopiya wendimoch ina ihitoch hono, yasikebere jegna hzb new.

[The Tigrai ethnic group] has brought about and secured Ethiopia’s freedom and unity, along with its Ethiopian brothers and sisters. It is a [how do you say ‘jegna hzb new?] warrior.

Yes. Dust off the violin.

Asked about how Ato Meles has managed to charm the west into knighting him as a “renaissance leader”,

Esachew eko, be amerrarachew qertro inna be Ityopiya w’sT, be afica w’sT be alem dereja bzu shilimat yagenubet huneta new…

Prime Minister Meles, let alone in Ethiopia, leave alone in Africa, has garnered worldwide recognition for his leadership.

Hm. July 17, 2005.

The Board of the Yara Foundation has chosen to award the first African Green Revolution Yara Prize, to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, for his contribution to improved food security and human nutrition in ways that also protect the environment. The Yara Prize will be presented by Professor Jeffrey Sachs, director of the United Nations Millennium Project at an award ceremony in Oslo, Norway on September 3.

January 2, 2006

Yara wins Ethiopian contracts after handing out prize

Oslo-based Yara International, one of the world's largest fertilizer makers, has won some major contracts in Ethiopia, just three months after it awarded a controversial prize to Ethiopia's prime minister.

Yara's communications director Arne Cartridge called that "speculation" and downplayed any connection between Yara's new fertilizer contracts in Ethiopia and its award to Ethiopia's prime minister.

Cartridge conceded that Yara was aware of the situation in Ethiopia when Zenawi was awarded his prize. "It's clear there are major challenges (in Ethiopia)," he told NTB. "We'll let the future determine whether it was the proper decision."

Um, um, UM!

One point here, I don’t know if I understood Dr. Getachew correctly, but at some point I think he says that the Ethiopian constitution is oppressive and divisive. I disagree, as much as I am loathe to disagree with anyone who can so calmly and rapaciously bitch slap an EPRDF hack with extraordinary competence. The Ethiopian constitution is actually geberally wonderfully worded. The problem is, how do we stop the EPRDF from jerking off on it.

Question from the reporter: How can you say, Dr. Yohannes, there is democracy in Ethiopia given that journalists, opposition leaders and students are in prison?

Answer from Herr Doktor Yohannes, who manages to calm down from a series of meandering fits:

Ingidih democracy relative new. Iyadege iyedabere yemihed new biyalehu.

I have said that democracy is relative. It is something that grows and flourishes.

Yeah, baby. Grows like fungus, stings like a bee. We get it.

More quotable quotes:

The 2005 election under the monitoring of the “renowned Carter Center” has stated who the clear winner is.

I am going to say that the Carter Center will probably be sending a memo to the EPRDF. “We urge you to urge your people not to mention us from hence forward. This will be our last urging.”

Yes, CUD won Addis, but “terekebu teblew alterekebub.” (They were told to take over and didn’t.)

Damn CUD! Can someone ask the new mayor of Addis why the hell he ain’t taken over? Hasn’t he heard of running a city from jail?

There are over 100 opposition leaders in parliament and therefore there is democratic process.

Get a grip.

Schools have opened and students are learning. Universities are open. High schools are open. Middle schools are open. Kindergartens are open.

I swear to you he said kindergartens were open. The evidence of that are news reports of elementary school children being carted off for showing the ‘V’ sign. Pictures shown here are damning.

Makes you wonder…are Pre-K’s open? Those infants are likely to gurgle “C-U-D” while sucking on their sippy cups. Damn kids. I blame videogames.

The VOA reporter managed to steer Dr. Y to the subject of those in jail facing treason charges and the death penalty.

I am not a judge. It is up to the courts. If they are innocent they will be set free. (Nesa kehonu, nesa yihonalu.)

Ah. Ask an EPRDF ‘development expert’ about the basics of jurisprudence and all of a sudden he is not an expert. But check out this ‘by the way’:

By the way, when they [the prisoners] are seen on TV they talk in their own language (“be’rassachew q’wanqwa”) and they say that they can see relatives and journalists.

That’s probably something the EPRDF can put on its campaign buttons. “We let the opposition we imprison live and talk in their own language. Vote early. Vote often.”

Okay. I need an Amharic expert for the following. Now I understand that by this time in the interview, Dr. Yoni is suffering from scholastic muscle spasms. But still, people, still. Can someone help me out?

When trying to explain about how the unrest that never happened, um, happened, Dr. Y was a tad, ambiguous shall we say?

gn yihE neger yetebeTebeTew, be and sew meda lie weTo ye hizbin nibret, ye hizbin hiwot, ye polisin entin megdel inna entin madgreg… yihE yetim hager yemyfeqed neger new.

Verbatim that’s what he said.

My attempt at translation:

But this situation has been stirred, by one person who went on the field (in public), and peoples’ properties, peoples’ lives, killing police’s thingy [is entin thingy?] and doing thingy… this is not allowed in any country.

I disagree. They do it all the time in the Land of Entin. And apparently also in the erudite, academic halls of the EPRDF.

The interview winds down… thankfully. But not before Monsieur Yohannes hauls a few more nuggets of puerile intellect from his Vessel of Crazy.

He was asked what was needed to get Ethiopia out of the political chaos (‘qewss’) so that matters do not disintegrate further. Strap yourself in, kids.

There is no political qwess. These come from the lie factories in the North America and Europe. We have to teach that. But a solution to prevent conflict is “rule of law” [said with disturbing ardor.]

It is a known fact that only the qwess don’t know that there is qwess around them.

Dr. Getachew did not mince words when stating his final thought. The EPRDF has got to go.

Dr. Yohannes could not resist. He, again, extended an invitation to Dr. Getachew to come hang out in Ethiopia. For a visit. To work. For the betterment of Ethiopia.

Perhaps Dr. Getachew should talk to Berhanu Nega and Yacob Hailemariam before accepting Dr. Yoni’s generous invitation.

So let me ask one more time: what the hell is wrong with the EPRDF?

In case you missed it:

Dagmawi tears Michela Wrong a new one.

Ethiopundit is back.

I’m loving Zimbabwe Pundit.

Jeffery Sachs is Kenyan Pundit’s “favorite rant targets.”

Happy New Year!


Anonymous molqaqa imperial revanchist said...

she's baaaaack!

entin can be translated as "whatever" i think.

so, basically according to Dr. Yoni, the cause of the non unrest unrest was because of, 'someone on the boulevard whatever, with whatever whatever, police property whatever. And that's not allowed in most countries.'

now that's hot!

7:17 PM, January 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. Dear Cyber arbegna. Meles is an imbecile. The EPRDF has done nothing and Ethiopia has not moved an inch since 1991.

While everyone else in the diaspora, has done or would have done more for the country.

Even those of us who hate their guts can't take you guys seriously.

7:26 PM, January 03, 2006  
Anonymous not dork-tor said...

Have you wondered why some people spend lots of years in bad schools to become dumber? It seems these days every Ethiopian has a cousin or some sort with bad PhD. Hey I guess stupidity is incurable even with a PhD.

7:53 PM, January 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I come to visit your blog when I become 'quws' trying to rationalize EPRDF, then I laugh and laugh more,

malet yefelekut, entinu gra sigebagn entin entin yilegna, beka, entinnnnnnnn yilegnal, leza new yanchin blog yemanebew.

please blog often because EPRDF's every second move is making me sick. I need medication,

tank yu

9:28 PM, January 03, 2006  
Anonymous yene intina telat said...

I disagree, at least in my house years ago, intin is not equivalent to "whatever" and I know I will have the support of my kids. Intin stands for "stuff", and it is next to yet another kiddy reply to parents question of "why did you do that?" and the answer from a thumb sucking eyes rolling eight yearser comes out as a lamenting "because..." and that is it unless it is followed by another “because”. At least kids have the excuse of being kids while ye meles ahyotch are fully grown half-baked PHD holders. Where does he get them? Just go to Iowa and visit a pig farm, they run around in small circle doing nothing other than stinking, farting, screeching, screwing each other and any one that comes near by - so anyone expecting an educated or reasonable discussion from an EPRDF idiot, and they are all idiots may have to wait forever, God forbid the forever as I want to get rid of this no good rascals, downright rapists, genocidal butchers, daylight and ylugnta bis ayn yawetu lebotch, out of my country. They have desecrated her enough. Time is up buster.

12:35 AM, January 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Important question for Weichegud:

How much research have you undertaken into H.R. 4423 before you began your blitz campaign?

Smith's bill attempts to solve Ethiopia's political crisis with a hydropower dam (essential humanitarian assistance?) and pledged support for OLF (ostensibly her favorite LF) "reintegration"

Those devilish details..

Now tell us again Ms. Weichedug: What have you done for Ethiopia?

1:00 AM, January 04, 2006  
Anonymous yene intina telat said...

I think we all know where this is coming from - the same theme from a comment in the last blogg - an attempt to get away from the real issue by bringing seemingly important but totally unrelated to resolving the life and death question the country is now facing. Yes, hydro dam is an essential part of economic growth, but not when the country and its people are held hostage to a ruthless dictator whose only aim is to steal and kill and plunder. At least Gragn Mohamed has a reason, to spread Islam. Meles does not have a reason other than being downright stupid. He will not benefit anyone including his own family who soon will be looking for a country to take them in, or the good people of Tigray who are smart enough to know their name is being used against the country they love and people they call their own. The current problem in Ethiopia will not be solved by a hydro dam or an integration of any LF. You know that, we know that. You will be wasting your time trying to tell us anything other than a total removal of the current dictatorial regime is what is needed for the country to go forward. Any apology is too late or downright useless at this moment - good day.
Also regarding your repeated question of what ETwonk has done for her country - right now she is another of the many gravitas that you see mushrooming all over the world working hard to organize and kick the fucking ass of meles and his stinking dogs out of Et, and that should settle your question once and for all – good day again

2:02 AM, January 04, 2006  
Anonymous solo said...

Wonq: Happy New Year! Brilliant as usual!

'It is a known fact that only the qwess don’t know that there is qwess around them.'---says it all!

God bless you

2:44 AM, January 04, 2006  
Anonymous Yohannes said...


Are you kidding? Fooling a liberal ferenje with a God complex is probably one of the more easier tasks in life. You've been to kowleje. you should know that.

A friend of mine (an engineering dweeb when being that was not cool)got an 'A' in a required Poli sci class by playing 'the negro who just tried his heart out.' Because you are judged by the lowest standard possible, it takes minimum effort from an 'enlighted african' to impress people like Sachs. my friend barely attended the poli sci class (he was auditing an advanced calculus class that time conflicted with it), but he'd show up once in a while and fill up the professor with tales of woe about being an Afican in the New England. Being a natural bullshitter, he also ranted against the Reagan admin and ...

the easiest A ever. So it is not that big a mystery. Meles was just playing the role, and blair etal gave him an 'A'.

3:39 AM, January 04, 2006  
Anonymous ye entina's entin said...

Mmm. i think i am begining to understand what you mean about the "intellectual arM" of the eprdf.

Smith's bill attempts to solve Ethiopia's political crisis with a hydropower dam (essential humanitarian assistance?) and pledged support for OLF (ostensibly her favorite LF) "reintegration"

talk about puerile intellect.

3:52 AM, January 04, 2006  
Anonymous Gooch said...

I'm listening to the debate at the moment, and I hear Dr. Yohannes spewing out development statistics.

First, let's all remember that the issue at the moment is not the EPRDF's development and economic record, but its rampant violation of human rights and democracy!

Second, the EPRDF's record on development and economic growth is actually poor. Statistics from a _neutral_ source, the IMF, show that the economy has shown annual growth of only 1.1% per capita over the last fourteen years (http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/fandd/2005/09/andrews.htm). This economic growth is still fully dependent on weather conditions.

There has been some growth in development during the EPRDF's reign - the human development index (HDI) has increased about 18% in the last fourteen years (see WB's HDI stats). This is, again, a minimal increase that still leaves Ethiopia seventh from bottom in HDI.

In terms of food security, we still have in Ethiopia anywhere from five to twenty million, depending on the harvest, fully dependent on food aid.

For more on poverty in Ethiopia, see this recent report (http://www-wds.worldbank.org/servlet/WDSContentServer/WDSP/IB/2005/09/20/000160016_20050920094758/Rendered/PDF/294680ET.pdf).

So, when it comes to economic development, the EPRDF record is poor. Given all the problems afflicting Ethiopia, the EPRDF's incompetence isleading Ethiopia into a quagmire of social problems with significant stability implications.

Okay, I'm still listening to this debate, and I'm afraid Ato Getachew is sometimes getting trapped in the newspeak. He's failed to categorically shoot down Ato Yohannes' assertions of development. He's not making the separation between the EPRDF's development record and its violation of human rights and democracy.

Where's Berhanu Nega when you need him?!!

11:37 AM, January 04, 2006  
Blogger kuchiye said...


Dictator of The Month- February

(Meles Zenawi)

Charisma/Popularity: 1.24=widely hated/Unpopular

Danger Rating: 3.81= Caused numerous wars with tens of thousands of casualties- potential to start major war

Oppression Rating: 4.5= Absolute Totalitarian causing major holocaust to own population

Longevity Rating: 4.0 = 10-15 years in power

Economics: 1.6 = Caused major depression or irreparable damage to economy

Notoriety/Infamy: 2.71= Well-known outside of own country

Statesman Factor: 1.5=Terrible statesman

Extremism: 4.17=Strongly leaning towards radicalism

Progressiveness: 1.12=Destructive and regressive policies

Ref: "Diese Seite auf Deutsch anzeigen" www.dictatorofthemonth.com

There you have it!

11:46 AM, January 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


...bet even this wouldn't change Jeffrey Sacks mind...lol

1:31 PM, January 04, 2006  
Anonymous fello w qewss said...

finally got through the interview, and i was hoping you were wrong about the 'intin' part, Wonkette. Alas.

brother gooch, i agree with you that the 'dr. yoni' statistical downpour could have been handled better. but i like the way dr. g shut it down-- attributable to population growth. notice that dr. y had no response to that.

it is typical of ihadig-ites to try serve up the 'what have you done for ethiopia' when they fail at everything else. i don't want to have to quote our prime minister here, but what does this have to do with the political upheaval? You can't shoot unarmed citizens in the head and then say 'but look at all the schools i built.'

1:37 PM, January 04, 2006  
Anonymous yekolotemari said...

kenyapundit is great. I heard her speak on poptech (a tech conference). Mentioned Sachs there as well. Btw, there is a dynmaic young Ethiopian college student from Addis representing Ethiopia. Must listen.

2:57 PM, January 04, 2006  
Anonymous not anonymous said...

Either my short-term memory is fast deteriorating or the level of stupidity out there among the Deffers (EPRDF-ers) is getting so profound that I’m too stupid to process it, and therefore have chosen to suppress it!

Every time some pseudo-intellectual goofball like our own Doktor “Y” speaks, all previously uttered nonsense by these EPRDF-types tends to get dislodged from my recent memory. I’m not liking it! Like the wonq, I’d like to be able to string together recent EPRDF whoppers at the drop of a hat, as an object lesson in what constitutes stupidity. Like the wonq, I too need to draw me a little inspiration from this here intn, stupidity!

But, in all this increasingly intense one-upmanship in stupidity that the Deffers are engaging in these days, I’m having difficulty keeping up with all the rampant absurdity. Like, for instance, who said THIS to the EU in response to its announcement that it would consider withholding its own goddamn money: “It’s unacceptable!”

Boy, how times have changed, inanteyE! It was so much better back when we used to call people like that “gegema” and carry on . . . .

3:39 PM, January 04, 2006  
Anonymous not genet zewdie said...

di'n realize how much i had missed this forum. (has ye filoha lij melted in the fil wuha?)

call me a sentimental revanchist, but stupidity, like the dawn, eventually rises. eprdf started to believe its own talking points, that's all. Poor Herr Dofftor Yohannes. He tried. AYZON! mebertat new.. intiff, intiff.

question for wonqville: if j. Sachs eventually disavows eprdf, would he be a revanchist against the new government? mekera new.

8:05 PM, January 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEWYEAR to you and your family.
keep up.

11:51 PM, January 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you made it on afrik! http://www.afrik.com/article9276.html

2:35 AM, January 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should have realized how idiotic the readership is...

Yene and Ye Itina, honestly: can you not recognize sarcasm when it hits you in the face?

I've been saying the H.R. 4423 is bullshit (entry #6), but your WOnq goddess has been ADVOCATING for Smith's bill, probably without having ever read it in its entirity.

Read her recent entries. Thanks.

3:45 AM, January 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi just to add some words about your comments on the pre school kids
My preschooler daughter liked the V sign so much that she was lining up all her kids[dolls]and was trying them to sign Kinjit,ofcourse they couldnt so she got upset and called them you are a bee,you sting so i hate you.
Fortunately i kept her home last week so she was not taken to dedessa

5:39 AM, January 05, 2006  
Anonymous the revanchists' revanchist said...

'intin' is 'what'evrrrrrrrrr' Mind of Mencia style.

not anon- it is the theory of displacement. a new 'lump of garbage' naturally displaces the old. you know that you have a healthy disciplined mind when it automatically regulates the amount of eprdf bullshit stored in it. by the by, love the coinage "Deffers"!

11:05 AM, January 05, 2006  
Anonymous asadaggi yebedelew said...

Wonq Godess, have you not been reading stuff in their "entirity", *again*? That's just entiritily unacceptable.

11:17 AM, January 05, 2006  
Anonymous not anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemans of idiotic readership, I thought I’d “haul a few nuggets of puerile intellect from my Vessel of Crazy” and share it with you.

Please make sure that you read it in its entiriiti. Benatachhu atassedibun! I call this entry # 6:

“intinachin wusT intin gebtobet,
intin amCHilN intin illibet,
anchim neyiliN intin tiyiliN!”

And, after reading this in its entiritrity, you still don't get it, go jerk . .I mean, go recalibrate your intn . .

1:36 PM, January 05, 2006  
Anonymous etw said...


HR 4423 has 6 sections and 1, 2, 3.... oooh too many paragraphs, therefore making it impossible to read with any kind of entirity in mind. So I just took two random items and run away with it. As part of the idiotic readership, I am sure you understand.

Entiritily-ly yours,

6:55 PM, January 05, 2006  
Anonymous Yene Intina Telat said...

For those of you who are complaining HR 4423 is not enough, then this is a US Congrss bill, and according to the procedures of the US Congress, bills can be amended. Provided there is no hidden agenda, that the fact such a bill even exists is a pain where the sun does not shine for meles and his bandas, which I am suspicious this nice blogg is already being infilterated by this hoodlems, then work with your congres person to get it amended with what you think is good. Otherwise please hold your nonpeace now and forever.

1:11 AM, January 06, 2006  
Anonymous yefilwiha said...

ngz - I'm still here, unfortunately, with my angry self!!
still read each and every one of wonki's posts - her blog is my oasis of ET politics ... I read the comments as well and take solace in knowing there are so many
intellegent and reasonable Ethiopians around and not just the goofballs, such as myself (by the way I'd like to officially welcome Dr. Yohannes to our club - The Jegna Goofball Ethiopians Association of which I'm the current secretary - Tekeda and Yohannes can run for its presidency)
p.s. going off tangent here, hey what do you expect from a goofball, I'm also currently in love with Birtukan Mideksa -- hell, no she's not a member of our association!

10:00 AM, January 06, 2006  
Anonymous not anonymous said...

The US announced that it will “no longer sell Humvees” to the Meles-regime! But, in an effort to mitigate the pain some, it will, instead, give the regime $600 million to buy all the Toyota pick-up trucks it will need for its Agazi-terrorists.

Nevertheless, the impact of the US announcement on Meles & Co. is expected to be devastating and far-reaching. Without Humvees, Meles finds himself in the unenviable position of having to shoot 10-year old hooligans and their mothers from the backs of Toyota pick-up trucks! Yikes!

And . . .lest you cynical Wonqeteers think this US move lacks tooffes, the same announcement also calls for “dropping the charges against the VOA reporters” who were charged in absentia because they live in the US where, last I checked, the ET-courts have no jurisdiction! Wow! Go on with your bad self Uncle Sam!

I say, y’all can have Vicki, AND her boss Condy too! yefilwiha and I will take the dynamic duo, Birtukan and Anna! Henceforth known as “BirtukAnna.” Now, them are women with balls! I mean, you know what I mean . . .beqa, wendoch nachew lemalet new . . .

11:10 AM, January 06, 2006  
Anonymous tobian said...

not anonymous,

I believe there VOA reporters in reference are local reporters based in Ethiopia, and last I heard there were 5 of them working for VOA. But I agree with you, it's a farce. Let me guess, the US won't give Humvees, but it will most likely continue to provide anti-terrorist training and up-to-date equipment for their east African war-on-terror campaign.

At the same time, I kind of sympathize with the US. If it stopped giving aid to Ethiopia, millions of Ethiopians will die and the US will get blamed for it. If it continues to give money people will still die, and the US will get blamed for one reason or another, including having given too little money in aid.

So tough to be poor, so tough to be rich. (Usually I'm a little more optimistic than this)

3:53 PM, January 06, 2006  
Anonymous not genet zewdie said...


glad you are around! anger'in be qutitiracheen seer inawilewalen.

LOLOL BirtukAnn. Not Anon, i entiritily crown you 'king of the idiotic readership.'

10:36 AM, January 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You wrote: killing police’s thingy [is entin thingy?] and doing thingy.

It is official. You have now replaced Seleda!

Great job......

1:21 AM, January 09, 2006  

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