Monday, October 16, 2006

A Preamble to the Preamble

Update: We don’t want to unduly stress anyone, so we’ll forge ahead with the people we have. The main point is that we get this done and then take stock of the sociological underpinnings of this experiment later.

Gooch, Redeem Ethiopia fellers: what can we say?

Updated schedule:

  • Introduction and Chapter 1 (Pages 1-65) : ETW
  • Chapters 2 & 3 (Pages 66-157): His Goochness
  • Chapters 4 & 5 (Pages 158-258): __________
  • Chapter 6 & 7 (Pages 259-355): Redeem Ethiopia, hosted on their site.

That will get us halfway.


It’s like Murphy’s Law… after stomping out small clusters of fire ignited by kids who think mothers are an endless source of food, patience and love (wtf! someone break it to them gently), I thought I’d save a few hours over the weekend to write in peace. Ha! It’s like I am new to this shit.

Yes, totally lame but I have fallen short of my ambitious plan to pen down thoughts on the Introduction and Chapter One of “The Dawn of Freedom.” As a notorious overachiever and nouveau geek, believe me, nothing you say could match the derision I’ve leveled on myself.

So, with deepest apologies, we will start the discussion next week and I’ve broken up the chapters thus:

  • Introduction and Chapter 1 (Pages 1-65) : ETW
  • Chapters 2 & 3 (Pages 66-157): His Goochness
  • Chapters 4 & 5 (Pages 158-258): Not Anonymous
  • Chapter 6 & 7 (Pages 259-355): Um… YL and T at Redeem Ethiopia (?.. Don’t leave me hangin’, gentlemen.)

Even top-level consultation with Ethiopian literati well-versed in deciphering coquettishness has not helped in figuring out Ye Filwuha Lij’s response to the request she takes on this assignment, so… it shall be done for her… (C’mon girl, we need girl power!)

  • Chapter 8 & 9 (pages 356-418): Filwuha Lij

The Concoction, Dagmawi, Enset, Seminawerq, Ethiopundit, Carpediem… any interest? We can host it on your respective blogs (as will –ahem- Redeem Ethiopia) like the resourceful ferenjies do with “Carnival of Revolutions.”

One point… here is what Not Anonymous said to me about my brazen, public, unilateral milmela of people to share in this task…

Hey, wonq! for the life of me, I don't know why you thought you could just dole out chapters and such with the same air of philanthropic generosity with which one might hand out mulmul to some mender kids at buhE!

You see why he was assigned? (Aside: I would be wearing a formidable sash and a respectable housecoat as I hand out perfectly sculpted and mul-mul’ed dabo, by the way.)

Bottom line is, “The Dawn of Freedom” needs all our input since I don’t have the intellectual aptitude to do a thorough analysis. I am, however, gifted in agitation and tripping over social experiments.

This is our version of a good, old fashioned Ethiopian debbo.


Does anyone know where Tsegasaurus is???


Anonymous ye filwiha lij said...

dear wonki,

who's the girl? who? don't look at
me now... antu yetebalkutin
lijj ke ene simme... bekume kebershign

it's ironic though, i was thinking of suggesting that you would certainly get a better take if you get one of the ladies we usually see around here...
there was a smart cookie by the nick not genet zewdie, we got a kezira now, and isn't there a semira or something like that? little did I know I was one of them
girls in your eyes ;-) we need them to step up to the plate and get in the rotation ...
still a mystery to me is why an intellegent blogger like you asks some ye filwiha lij (a male - ahem)unless you're in competition with aiga forum to come up with the worst crapola..
so, dear wonki, me is only trying to keep the high standard of your blog - by shying away...

10:00 AM, October 16, 2006  
Anonymous worku said...

I have started reading Dr. Berhanu's book and I am looking forward to read your comments on the book.

However, there is one thing that has been bothering me for sometime. And it is this.

Considering Dr. Berhanu's closeness to Andargachew Tsegie and considering Andargachew's conflict with some Kinjit leaders in North America, would the book be a reflection of this conflict? For example, some, among the leaders of Kinijit, are thinking twice about joining AFD and forming an alliance with OLF which, like TPLF, is focused more on ethnic supremacy than one Ethiopian nation. Yet, in the face of this OLF separatist tendency, Andargachew seems to be comfortable with it, although Berhanu's book condemns the ethnic "zewg tekor" policy of TPLF or OLF.

Kinijit's policy and its politics is getting confusing by the day.

I just wanted to remind the book reviewers to take into consideration the present Kinijit politics (although I am not sure wht it is right now) when they review the book. Just a thought. Thank you.

10:03 AM, October 16, 2006  
Anonymous kezira said...

dang. been following ETW a long time and thought the filoha was a chickie-chikie as well. my man-radar is rusty.... *however* my "golden" standard fara-radar is sreaming up a storm. yeah, let's discuss birhanu's book in the context of "Andargachew's conflict with some Kinjit leaders" 'coz that wash-ish-all-about.

10:40 AM, October 16, 2006  
Anonymous maleda said...

If we don't discuss gems like how some Qinijit leaders are, uuh, "thinking twice about joining AFD and forming an alliance with OLF" as part and parcel of "The Dawn of Freedom" then I will throw a temper tantrum, Lidetu-style. Men like filwiha and me will not take this standing up!!

11:14 AM, October 16, 2006  
Blogger Redeem Ethiopia said...

Hi Wonk,

We still haven't read the book yet...but considering you have assigned us the later chapters, I think we can do it. Will keep you updated.

12:52 PM, October 16, 2006  
Anonymous dube said...

BT*fn*W, disagreeing with kinijit =/= fara

though the fardar is a-screamin'

1:19 PM, October 16, 2006  
Anonymous not anonymous said...

"me is only trying to keep the high standard of your blog - by shying away..."
my sentiments exactly, Ato Filwiha! Sorry, wonq-wonq, but you ought to have the big guns here take a shot at this. Too huge an undertaking for me . .really, but I appreciate the nomination. mTs.

4:48 PM, October 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is very sad that you all are shying one is here to judge present what you think and then open up a discussion. C'mon people!

6:28 PM, October 16, 2006  
Anonymous ye filiwiha lij said...

not anonymous -- in this time and age where cyber ladies such as ETW and kezira strip one's bolale and replace it with a kemis in a nano second, your address as "Ato ..." is a welcome relief... but why i was pushing for you to answer wonki's call positively (even as i continue to say no for myself) was only because i honestly believe you can do a good job based on your thoughtful comments over the past year or so -- my most favorite being when you went toe-to-toe against the one and only wonki herself about Lidetu ... so, as "..huge an undertaking..." as it may be, it would be great if you still consider it...
as to me, i know very little about ET politics (but am learning from y'all) thus wouldn't be able to put things in perspective other than perhaps throwing some gibberish filled with a layman's emotions.... for me, instead of Berhanu's book, assuming ETW will continue with the book club idea, i would like to volunteer to review the book "There Is No Me Without You" by Melissa Greene about an Ethiopian mother struggle to help AIDS orphans in Addis -- my hometown and i say this with a lump in my throat -- it would make a great sequel to Ato G story in some ways ...

by the way, is dube running out of prozac? just kiddin' dubalem ;-)

6:39 AM, October 17, 2006  
Anonymous kezira said...


kemirr? you think this is the kind of audience that needs reminding "disagreeing with kinijit" does not equal fara? (and with righteous indignation, nonetheless??) you got that from what I said? inday! anteyewa, do you set your watch to your bouts of neurosis? bel beQa. let's all watch the dow hit 12k. maybe that will help us come up with what we like about meles.

12:47 PM, October 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you guys gonna do about Lidetu's remark on that same book?
You just can't egnore it, can you?

2:01 PM, October 17, 2006  
Anonymous dube said...

I am 'egnoring' kezira and filiwiha (ugh! you're a dude and I'd been digging you all this time)for making light of my slight dependence on happy pills and mocking my "have-you-hugged-a-weyane-today" initative.

2:26 PM, October 17, 2006  
Anonymous kezira said...

"slight", dubber?

but just for that kick ass response i am gonna go hug me (eniiiqqq) a weyane. where they at?

3:20 PM, October 17, 2006  
Blogger Tinkishu said...

I still say Lidetu is Kihidetu. But, his critque againist Berhanu's book should not be undermined. It underscores the nemessis of the present day Kinijit skirmish, the veteran AEUP Vs the infant Kestedemena. No soul can control the lust for power specially when one think s/he can get it easily with silver platter.


5:56 PM, October 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

His Goochness is one lucky mofo, he is on a good side of Wonqit.

His goochness you lucky bastard.....

I'm willing to read all of yall inputs though. Keep up the good job.

Also, wonqit for your initiative. Good Job !!

5:33 PM, October 18, 2006  

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