Thursday, September 21, 2006

Update: HR 5680

I just talked to Hastert's office. They are deluged and aware-- and frankly a little weary.

I have gotten a few emails demonizing Hastert. Hello?! Exactly what happened to Donald Payne. Am I missing something? Do we Ethiopians “need” an enemy to galvanize?

As I understand it, we just need to ask the Speaker to schedule HR 5680 for a vote. And the strongest reason why it should be voted on is because it is in the best interest of the US—encouraging human rights and democracy are the best ways to combat extremism in a volatile Horn of Africa. Period. I am not sure I understand the two-week “do or die” deadline that is driving a mini-frenzy. Yes, there is recess coming up, but by no means is this bill doomed if it is not on the docket in two weeks.

People have to be methodical and calm. Fighting for democracy is not a “quick result” game where we think if we do X then Y must follow or the entire equation is wrecked. Sometimes you have to go through V to get to Y.

Thank you Aba Doyo from the comments section for the link to The Hill article. It was fascinating. Lobbying congress is a fine art. Alliances have to be nurtured and courted. This is a long-term commitment and not a roll in the hay, so how we treat congressional staffers should reflect our maturity and seriousness.

One thing I have learnt through all this is how insularly most of the Ethiopian-American existence is. We still have an immense problem venturing outside our comfort zone. A small example, how many of us belong to our alumni association? Even Ethiopians who have been lucky enough to have gone to top universities in the States rarely look back once we have degree in hand. Some of the most influential people leading this country went to these schools, and nothing opens up more doors than an alumna bond.

Someone needs to write a book on the art of networking for ETs. Seriously. Like all first generation immigrants, I guess we only venture outside our community only when we need something, and then drop off if we are not successful on the first try. It doesn’t work like that. We have a great opportunity to set a strong foundation. Once you get that going, even if the building falls, the foundation will sustain quick rebuilding. But if we are constantly pouring concrete on sand to set up ephemeral foundations we will be going nowhere fast.

The first step is to know what it takes to lobby the United States government. Know your representatives, vote, join our neighborhood associations and attend city and county meetings. Establishing personal relationships is a powerful tool yet unappreciated in our community.

My mother was very good at this. She used to volunteer PTA meetings at our house—which was a source of much consternation for our father who always became edgy when he had to deal with more than three ferenjie faces at one time… especially in his territory. My grandmother-in-law (such a thing?) still whispers when she sees ferenjies in our living room, and I have friends (you know who you are) who, when we invite them to a party at our house, immediately ask, “Is it an abesha thing or a ferenjie thing?” … ‘coz God forbid if the two shall meet!

To be sure, the Diaspora (the vocal one that Ato Meles’ government feels a need to, um, shut up) has come a long way. There are Ethiopian-American “get out the vote” initiatives happening. People are meeting with their representatives and senators. Even at a very ad hoc level, there is significant movement. Eventually, there will be one big gynormous PAC. But until then, there is an impressive, educated grass roots movement planting strong seeds. To really understand how grass roots movements work, research the history of the Christian Coalition.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you see things), a strong Ethiopian PAC will come only after we are dealt a big blow. What the EPRDF should be more afraid of is this bill not passing because that will be the galvanizing factor. It will mean people who are in this thing for the short term and novelty will give up, which hopefully means more serious people who are not afraid of a few hits will fill the vacuum.

All to say… Hastert is our friend. Our job is to let him know that he is our friend. I have sent his staff a nice thank you letter, and maybe those of you in DC can deliver a basket of sambusa and a couple of bottles of tej to quench his staffs’ throats that are parched from talking to us. Any volunteers?

Speaker Hastert’s fax number is: 202-225-0697. I also like Demamu’s suggestion that we all get 10 non-Ethiopians to join the cause. I’ve gotten 6 and it took less than 2 hours!



  • Those of you who haven’t, join LinkedIn.
  • And don’t dare miss Borat’s movie- mark your calendar. November 3.


Anonymous kebero-dm-dm said...

wi wenqiye,

you have no idea how much this post was needed! as someone on groud zero, there is a lot of misunderstanding about how to petition guv'ment. too much "belew!" and over reaction. but people really want to do the right thing, so with the right leadership things will/can get done.

rega malet memar alebign. maybe inde hewan and her group can take on the task of delivering the snq to hastert?

really, this was a splendid splendid post!!!

5:01 PM, September 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I also like Demamu’s suggestion that we all get 10 non-Ethiopians to join the cause. I’ve gotten 6 and it took less than 2 hours!

This is the best advice. It just didn't occur to me until I read it here on you blog. I just cann't wait to ask some of my coworkers to join tomorrow.

PS: this is my first time posting on your blog but I have been reading your blog for the past one year. You are just the best!

7:44 PM, September 21, 2006  
Blogger cheche said...

Wonq's idea of involving non-Ethiopians (I hope she means native Americans) is really cool.
The senators and congresswomen/men will be more sensitive to them I guess.
May be it is also a good idea for the Ethio-Americans council to approach other civic organisations, both from the left and the right, and organise some thing, a petition, or a march, a vigil or you name it.

Cheers etiye wonq and all

3:27 AM, September 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Woyane cadres might involved in demonizing Hastert!

4:48 AM, September 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It’s not too late . . . after all. Well done and kudos to your crack team. Sorry, if I had sounded like an alarmist in my previous post about the Geo-Economic/Political battle implications for the Horn of Africa. Bill HR 5680 is about to make history in the annals of the Ethiopian Diaspora on the 22 September 2006.

10:14 AM, September 22, 2006  
Anonymous Aba Doyo said...

Everything u said about not to antagonise potential friends, participating in alumni neighborhood associations, PTAs etc. are right on the money. Actually i see the need for a teach-in type of workshops wherever Ethiopians live in large number about the Dos and Don'ts of contacting elected representatives as well as the larger issue grassroot advocacy. We can learn from other ethnic groups which were mentioned in 'The Hill' article who have gone through same challenges.
As to why the urgency of the matter, i asked the same question to someone who is working closely with the taskforce and what i understood from the answer can be summarised to the following. Any bill which was introduced in the 109th session of the House had to be pass or fail by members of the same session. After the November election, to be precise in January when Congress opens again, it would be the 110th session. May be if the bill have reached certain stage short of full vote, they would take it again. I have to inquire more & learn if it is true that whether the new session of the House would not take bill proposed in previous session. That is why i say we have a lot to learn.
As the article on the Hill implies, it is David Vs Goliath (unpaid amateur 'lobbyist' and novice activists versus powerful and well compensated hired gun). But as you said, even if we are defeated, I hope it would be a gavanising factor for our community and bad omen for TPLF & stooges.

11:40 AM, September 22, 2006  
Anonymous demamu said...

Bill HR 5680 is about to make history in the annals of the Ethiopian Diaspora on the 22 September 2006.

What does this mean?

12:32 PM, September 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't know for certain that
it is our side that is aggravating Hastert. woyane thugs have played that shit with Payne before. Easy. before you slam the "vocal diaspora"

You are right on the money about ethios getting of their black asses and getting involved at the local level.


12:43 PM, September 22, 2006  
Anonymous zeleka said...

some good hints:

on ethiomedia. i, too, was a little disturbed by the 'demonizing' factor. it just does not have to get that contentious. i wish i lived in DC, I would have volunteered to put together a "sinq" for Hastert's staff. The people I talked to were very, very nice. When I faxed them I also used the argument that the opposition uses as their trump card: that the Meles regime is a war on terror ally. a TRUE war of terror ally would NOT try to block a bill that promotes democracy and human rights.

Bertu wegenoch, especially the Ethiopians in his district.


12:48 PM, September 22, 2006  
Anonymous David said...

Great commentary! The same can be said about the utter failure of the majority of the ET population in North America to transform its own psyche into one which embraces democracy. In fact, this is the Achilles Heel of the opposition movement. Time and again, when giants of the struggle advance the democratic process through personal sacrifices of death, torture and incarceration, the movement gets hijacked by loud-mouthed intolerant bigots. Are we not tired of the herd mentality? Or of settings which squash any divergent thought? Isn’t that our very complaint about the current government in Ethiopia? Until ETs of the current generation living in North America immerse themselves into the culture in which they live which, at least on the outset, aspires to be tolerant, pluralistic and democratic, they will continue to be dangerous detriments to democratization in Ethiopia – a movement for which many are still paying dearly.

7:23 PM, September 22, 2006  
Anonymous Inde Hewan said...

Kebero (1st commentator):

EACA is about to finalise putting together a set of toolkits, one of which is on how to conduct a meeting with your congressperson. We will send it to the Ethiopian websites onces completed. While it may be framed in terms of meeting "your" congress member, clearly the tips can just as well apply to how to set up, conduct, and later follow up on a meeting wtih anyone in Congress, including Hastert.

Whenever one is distressed about about Ethiopians taking the "wrong actions" in pro-democracy activism -- eg. maligning a US politician with whose moves we're not happy -- I think the first question to ask is: What can we do to help our community take the "right actions" instead? Sometimes it is as simple as giving our community the right tools, some guidance, some tips. Hence the toolkit on meeting congress. We will put it out in the next few days.

7:54 AM, September 24, 2006  
Blogger sokari said...

The 1st Carnival of African Women is taking place at (the details are on the site)

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11:31 AM, September 26, 2006  
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