Monday, June 05, 2006

Would you like fries with your genocide trial?

Cyber Ethiopia has posted Amnesty International’s summation of the retarded trial the EPRDF is putting the world through. Man, talk about fascinating reading! We also get to meet all the unsung people--- journalists and MPs etc--- who don’t have anyone to build them a "Free so-and-so" website.

Overall, an amazing read and a very great insight into the machinations of the EPRDF that Jeffrey Sachs never told us about.

Semmiawerq reports that the trials are now like a Jon Stewart parody. One of the evidences that the CUD was surely on a fast track to ‘treason’ and ‘genocide’….

The prosecutor stated that the organizers of [a CUD wereda] meeting decorated the town hall with the" former" Ethiopian flag (plain Green, yellow and red); not the one with the star in the middle as the constitution proclaims.

Hm. It’s one thing to be magnanimously mediocre. But evil and mediocre?

Hope someone is taking notes for Ambassador Vicki Huddleston. She might want to use the trial transcripts for target practice. (“Did I hit anything…? Is it dead? Let’s all gather for a reading from Ecclesiastes.”)


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